We support our customers' business with the optimal supply.

Making high-quality at low-cost logistics possible by leveraging our experience and achievements accumulated for more than half a century

In 1963, the Company was spun off from the logistics division of NHK Spring Co., Ltd., the world's top spring manufacturer, and established as a logistics subsidiary to deliver NHK Spring parts to the customers around the country.
Since then the Company has been conducting business over a nationwide network by establishing offices and distribution centers around the country. Moreover, as the core logistics company of the rapidly diversifying NHK Spring Group, we now handle a variety of products, including IT products, in addition to automobile parts. Having expanded our services beyond transport to storage/management operations and delivery representative services at an early stage, we have been able to centrally manage all processes after a product comes off the production line, thereby contributing significantly to reducing the total costs of our customers.
In recent years, we have been receiving an increasing number of orders from non-Group customers, and we have been offering our expertise to a wide range of industries. Furthermore, by keeping pace with the overseas expansion of many of our customers including NHK Spring, we have been proactively promoting our business overseas mainly in the Asian region. Going forward we intend to meet the individual needs of our customers, place safety and security first and provide logistics of even higher quality at low cost. We, therefore, ask for your continued support.

坂本 博樹
坂本 博樹

FY2018 President's Policy

Management Goals

Sales / Profits
(20th Mid-term Plan
Goals for FY2018)
●Net sales (including overseas businesses)
24,000 million yen
●Ordinary income (including overseas businesses)
1,350 million yen
●Major complaints: 0
●Customer complaints:
Less than 80% of previous year
●Internal defects
(excluding customer complaints)
Less than 80% of previous year
●Defects by partners
(excluding customer complaints)
Less than 80% of previous year
●Traffic accidents / Vehicles accidents on premises: 0
●Industrial accidents: 0
*Major complaints:
(1) Product damage due to a major accident
(2) Complaints treated as major complaints by the customer
(3) Cover-up
Customer complaints
(1) Delivery of wrong item
(2) Delivery of wrong number of items
(3) Late arrival of delivery
(4) Lost package
(5) Mistaken delivery destination

President's Policy

1.Improve profitability and strengthen the structure

Formulating and implementing policies to achieve the 20th Mid-term Plan

(i) Improve and expand domestic bases, including the headquarters, and secure and develop human resources
(ii) Expand business in China and Thailand (strengthen cooperation with domestic sales)
(iii) Secure orders from major customers and search for new markets

2. Commit ourselves to achieving quality goals and increase customer satisfaction

Being thoughtful in caring for the customers' merchandise

(i) Observe work procedures (Observe/enforce)
(ii) Strengthen efforts aimed at own process completion
(iii) Enhance quality control level including partner companies

3.Eliminate long working hours and industrial accidents including traffic accidents

Realize a workplace where everybody feels comfortable at work, with all employees on board.

(i) Comply with the 36 Agreement, and devise and implement ways to eliminate long working hours
(ii) Observe work rules (Observe/enforce)
(iii) Enhance the management level of safety and health