Basic Philosophy
To contribute extensively to society by developing logistics systems aligned with customers needs both in Japan and overseas, and by consistently offering the best logistics quality.
Basic Policy
To reinforce the company's overall credibility by establishing a logistics quality assurance system that is generally accepted by society and promoting logistics streamlining activities.
Quality Policy
To offer joy and peace of mind to all our customers as well as provide satisfaction and earn their trust by having our employees constantly keep quality, safety and cost in mind and conduct ongoing improvements.
Basic Philosophy
NHK Transport Co., Ltd. contributes extensively to society by constantly promoting the preservation and ongoing improvement of the earth environment in all aspects of its corporate activities, while at the same time making further efforts to improve driving manners by strictly observing traffic rules, conducting safe driving and implementing accident prevention.
Environment Policy
The Company recognizes that the promotion of environmental conservation activities in an effort to mitigate the escalating problems of air pollution and global warming as one of its corporate social responsibilities and is thus committed to reduce the environmental burden arising from the business of providing transport services.
  • ●We will comply with laws and regulations and make efforts to conserve the environment.
  • ●We will promote energy-saving measures including eco-driving.
  • ●We will educate and enlighten people on the conservation of the environment.
  • ●We will promote the proper disposal of waste and recycling.
  • ●We will set environment goals and targets on the basis of the Environment Policy and revise them periodically.
  • ●We will announce this Policy publicly.
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We have formulated the following action plan so that employees are able to work and raise their children at the same time, and are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities by providing a comfortable working environment for all employees.
Effective period of the plan: 5 years from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019
Details of the plan: To provide an environment in which female employees, who are expecting, who are on maternity leave or who have returned from maternity leave are able to give birth and return to work with a peace of mind.
Period: January 2015 to December 2019
Establish contact points for receiving consultation from female workers who are expecting, who are on maternity leave or who have returned from maternity leave.
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